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More than half of the herbal extracts in the formula of our product have anti-oxidative effects. Especially flavonoids and polyphenols used in our product have strong proven anti-oxidative effects, help bring organs back to its normal condition and may protect against several chronic diseases.

According to multiple scientific publications the ingredients of our product are considered generally safe in the suggested quantity and combination.

LONGAVITE can be used by adult men and women of any age above 30, since biological signs of aging start appearing in our 20s. All people, due to different gender, different age, different weight, different state of health, who suffer from chronic diseases or not, who have autoimmune deficiencies or not, should consult with their doctor to determine how many products should he/she use in a year to see results.

Moreover, tetrapeptides and polyamides used can potentially repair DNA damages in cells. Hence the use of the product has positive effects on people with chronic diseases and autoimmune deficiencies and may help them achieve a better general health status.

Generally speaking, digestion issues have not been reported. Different environmental conditions don’t affect the use of the product since it works more on the intracellular and molecular level. However, if a person follows a healthy lifestyle with appropriate diet and daily exercise, then the effects of the product are enhanced.

By discontinuing the use of our product someone would slowly return back to his/her previous stage of health. Biological aging cannot be permanently reversed. However, as long as you are using LONGAVITE, you can have an active life with full energy levels and better health conditions. The choice is yours.

Up to 2 weeks before any medical operation our product is safe for use. Due to potential interaction with drugs or other substances used in a medical operation, it is suggested that 2 weeks before and until full recovery someone should not use our product. After full recovery and after doctor’s approval our product can be used again. Our product can be used during various different therapies after doctor’s approval.

The product has specific instructions how someone should use it. We recommend that someone may use LONGAVITE 4 times per year maximum. At the beginning 2 months use is recommended as a kickstart and then minimum 3 months pause is advised. You should always consult with your doctor for better usage of the product.

LONGAVITE bibliography has over 200 citations of published researches, studies and clinical trials for all its active ingredients.

LONGAVITE is registered in Czech Republic, Romania and Greece and soon will be registered in many more countries.

LONGAVITE is the result of extensive and meticulous research over many years and development and cooperation of the R&D department of PHENOMENO s.r.o., Prague, with scientists from other pharmaceutical companies and universities from Czech Republic, Romania, China and Russia working under one common vision.

Our R&D researchers and scientists have vast experience by conducting extensive research both in nature and in laboratories. Our researchers have spent many years exploring and discovering herbal substances and extracts in the least explored areas of the world: Africa, Himalayas, Caucasus, Amazon rainforests, islands in the Indian Ocean and many other places on our planet.

Our research is inspired by the accumulated knowledge carried forward over the centuries of various and numerous native healers and physicians, shamans, Nepalese monks, ancient Greek, Egyptian and Asian documents, as well as findings of modern research and case studies of famous institutes and universities.