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A modern way of living, business commitments, insufficient sleep and physical activity, bad nutrition habits, as well as the air, water and land pollution, significantly affect our organism.

Negative factors accumulate, reducing the protective mechanisms of the body and eventually leading to chronic intoxication, which can be manifested by the most varied symptomatology, that altogether lead to serious health endangerment over time:

  • digestion disorder,
  • reduction in immunological defense of the organism and increased tendency towards infections,
  • allergic and atopic manifestations,
  • poor peripheral circulation, chest pain, cramps, decreased muscle strength,
  • chronic fatigue syndrome,
  • intense headaches,
  • cognitive impairments,
  • sleep disorders.

LONGAVITE helps the antioxidation and detoxification process of our body and aims to restore homeostasis, or to maintain permanence of inner environment of the organism. Under the conditions of these minimal variations, cells are the most powerful. The entry of nutrients into the cell is adequate, and the process of oxidative phosphorylation in mitochondria that generates energy is preserved.

Furthermore, ions maintain their constant concentration in the cell and extracellular fluid, which primarily allows functioning of neurons, heart and skeletal muscle cells, and then all the other cells in the body, hence leading to an automated full body regeneration.

Aging is inevitable, but how you age is not. Both men and women have the power to take control and actually manage their aging process.

LONGAVITE is your comprehensive approach to age management.